Our clients have many questions when it comes to visas, migration laws and migration agents. Read some common questions and answers by expanding the tabs.

How do I find out what my best options are for coming to Australia?

For work or skilled visa if you can provide us with detailed resume with information about your education, and work experience, current country passport, Arrive Australia will provide you with expert candid advice on your specific situation.

For family visas, tell us about your relationship with your Australian or visa holder partners / parents or other
Arrive Australia will provide you with expert candid advice on your specific situation.

The more detail you provide us the faster we will be able to assess your best options for lodging an application.

Immigration regulations are complex. It is important that you understand how the different visa criteria affects your eligibility and timeframes to apply.

Begin by consulting our experienced Registered Migration Agents.


How do I begin the Australian Visa Application Process?

When Arrive Australia have assessed your options and given you a letter explaining the Process, costs and services you know that there is a way for you to move to Australia.

Act on this knowledge; don’t miss your opportunity. Migration laws change frequently; delaying an application can change your eligibility.

Email your permission for Arrive Australia to do your application and we take care of the details and commit to keeping you informed through the entire process.

Are there any particular circumstances required to migrate to Australia?

Your individual background is always relevant so here are some basics to help you on the way:

  • Are in you in an on-going and genuine relationship with an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. If you do, look at our Partner Migration section, take the on-line assessment or email Arrive Australia to get professional migration advice.
  • You have formal qualifications and/or work experience in a professional or trade occupation.
  • Is there a business in Australia interested in sponsoring you in a skilled occupation on a temporary or permanent visa? Look at our section on Business Sponsorship and email or phone us to discuss how we can help you put in a strong application.
  • Do you have children living permanently in Australia and you’d like to be in their lives more than once every few years on a visit. If so look at our Parent Migration section, take the on-line assessment or email Arrive Australia to get professional migration advice.
  • Are you interested in studying full time in Australia? Visit our Student Visa section and then email Arrive Australia to discuss your application.
  • You’d like to visit Australia as a tourist. Email Arrive Australia to discuss your application.
  • Contact Arrive Australia by telephone +61(2) 936 92 400
Am I agreeing to any hidden costs if I use the Arrive Australia Service?

Your Arrive Australia contract will set out the costs for the service you are getting in detail. We charge a set professional fee for our service. There are no hidden hourly rates in your contract.

Any Australian government application fees and other costs are detailed in your assessment and services letter. If the Department of Immigration do change their visa lodgement fees during the preparation stage of your application, you will be advised of any changes that apply.

How long will the application take to process?

The time it takes to process an application varies depending on the visa type, government processing priorities.

Timeframes can be from a few days up to a number of years. Your migration agent at Arrive Australia will provide you with an estimate of the time to decision based on current information and priorities are set by the Australian government.

What are the benefits of using a migration agency like Arrive Australia?

Deciding to move to a new country can be one the biggest decisions we make in life.

From the outset, getting accurate detailed advice specific to your circumstances is a critical step to ensure you set out on the correct strategy and visa pathway.

Arrive Australia are committed to looking after your best interests by providing you:

  • A detailed candid initial assessment of your options or a strategy allowing you to make an informed choice on how best achieve your goal of living in Australia
    Arrive Australia’s expert services navigate you through the entire process, giving you:
  • Professional migration advice from Registered Migration Agents who take into account your personal requirements when looking for the solution that best suits you.
  • Information to help you understand all aspects of the visa process, including information about evidence documentation, health and character requirements.
  • A premium service, where your application is prepared and lodged for you, and your case is then managed throughout the entire process until you have a decision.
  • Feedback and open access to the migration agent managing your case throughout the application period

Arrive Australia’s Migration professionals are registered to provide immigration advice through the Australian government regulatory body, the Office of Registered Migration Agents and we attend continuous professional development courses to keep up to date with the latest changes in Australian immigration law and policy.

Is my Information secure?

As Registered Migration Agents we are committed to protecting your privacy. The Migration Industry Code of Conduct binds registered Migration Agents to protecting client privacy, documents and personal information. Your information is not divulged to any party other than those related to your application as authorised by you.

Why do I need help at all?

Australian migration laws and regulations are the most complex in the world with many applications delayed or rejected every year.

Getting professional advice before you begin the process can help you to avoid unnecessary delays, and perhaps save you thousands of your hard earned dollars in lost application fees if you make an incorrect application.

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