Student Visas

photos-1_studentTake advantage of Australia’s quality education and training system by applying for a student visa.

Advantages to studying on a student visa include:

  • you will be allowed to study for longer than three months; and
  • You get permission to work part time during term time and full time during holidays.

The student visa program has 5 five Assessment levels, determined by nationality and course of study , each assessment level has different requirements

Arrive Australia provides you with expert individual advice and can manage your student visa application.

photos-1_07The College

You must be accepted for full-time study in a CRICOS registered (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students).

The Visa

The student visa program has 5 five Assessment levels, determined by nationality and course of study. Assessment Level 1 is the lowest immigration risk, up to countries with level 5 considered the highest risk. The higher the level the more evidence you will need to provide for your application.

You must have a Letter of Offer or Letter of Enrolment from a recognized college to make a valid student visa application.

You may have to evidence that funds are available for your course of study, and that you have funds for travel, tuition costs and living expenses.

You may need to provide evidence your English language skills, previous study and qualifications to enroll in your course of choice. The college will provide you with advice on their entry level requirements for courses

Depending on how long your course of study is and other health risks, you may have to provide health reports for your student visa application. In some circumstances, character reports may also be requested.

Students and their dependents must have health insurance for the period they are in Australia on this visa. Students can organise the overseas student health cover themselves or talk to their college about doing this. Proof of overseas student health insurance is required when making an application for a student visa.

Student visa holders can work  up to 40 hours per fortnight while their course is in session and

work unlimited hours during scheduled course breaks .

Student visas have conditions placed on them when they are granted and it is your responsibility to make sure you abide by those conditions.

A visa application fee is payable

Student visa applications may be lodged online or by a paper application, depending on current Department of Immigration and Citizenship regulations for different countries

Arrive Australia will help you understand your assessment level and provide detailed personalised advice and assistance on the entire process.


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